I overthink music because I love it and because I want to see the society in which we produce music become a better place.

I can’t make any statements as to how often I will overthink music here; however, inbetween writing papers for school, which takes up approximately three hundred percent of my time, and spending time with my family, I’ll hop on here and maybe write a few things about my preferred atrocious abominations against music.  I have a lot of them.  Not all of my analyses will be of pop music, either, since I have at least a passing interest in most genres.  There will also sometimes be some minimal analysis of the videos, but I’m nowhere near as strong at visual analysis (and don’t think that means anything about my lyrical or musical analysis, either).

I’d like to promise a thorough semiotic analysis of every song, but I can’t because my attention span is short and, alas, sometimes the posts will regard the color and texture of the music instead.  Perhaps I’ll just post how much I love some songs some days.  WHO KNOWS

Next week (or whenever I get to it): E.T. by Katy Perry (f. Kanye West).